Friday, August 3, 2007

Jordan Riak - CAICA Advocate of the Month - September 2006


Jordan works tirelessly to expose and rectify abuse of children in schools. He also informs the public about abuse in boot camps, behavior modification facilities, etc. -

CAICA would like to recognize the hard work of Jordan Riak, an advocate for all children, including those in the public school system and residential facilities.

Jordan has accomplished many things during his years of advocacy work, and I feel he should be commended for his continued efforts. Most recently Jordan released his new and revised booklet, "Plain Talk About Spanking", a must-read for anyone working with children:

Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE) offers this publication for the benefit of children everywhere.

The ideas that you will read here are not new or revolutionary. There have always been wise and perceptive people in every civilized culture who advocated nonviolent methods for socializing children. But, for the most part, their good advice has been ignored or rejected, and the consequences to humanity have been incalculable. In these few pages we have attempted to summarize their message and offer it once again. by Jordan Riak.

Link to booklet:

Jordan Riak joined CAICA in a Victim's March this year in Sacramento, CA. I personally witnessed Jordan's dedication and conviction as he spoke to passers-by.

Jordan Riak, Cathy Sutton, and Isabelle Zehnder together attended the Victim's March in Sacramento.Our goals were to expose deaths in facilities as well as to educate the public about on-going child abuse

Thank you, Jordan, for your continued hard work.

By Isabelle Zehnder, CAICA Founder and President